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Flourish Nutritional Supplements

Flourish Nutritional Supplements are created from nothing other than incredibly powerful, healthy whole foods, just as Mother Nature intended. Crafted by Medicinal Nutritionist, Kathy Ashton, the ingredients work in harmony to help alleviate aches and pains, improve sleep and energy, and relieve some chronic conditions.
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Our Promise

Flourish Nutritional Medicine lives by a philosophy that we are passionate about.
Whole Foods
Every ingredient comes from it’s whole food, natural source. Our turmeric, for example, is powered from the whole root – containing all the curcuminoids, turmerones, vitamins and minerals in their natural form, with nothing added or subtracted. Together, these phytochemicals and nutrients produce their most powerful effects.
We use plants as medicine, and believe in harnessing the healing powers of nature. All ingredients within our blends are mindfully selected and designed to work synergistically, so as many of those nutrients as possible are absorbed by the cells and available to be of benefit to the body.
We will always make our products powdered, allowing for the most therapeutic dose.
This way, you can easily use our blends to give a healthy boost to your meals and drinks.
A powder formula also solves any issue for people who struggle to take tablets or capsules.
Our products are designed as medicinal remedies to help health conditions, and will be made to be as palatable as possible, but do keep in mind that it is food as medicine first, and taste comes second.
Our blends are all natural. There is nothing synthetic within them. No extracts, no fillers, no artificial preservatives. This makes them unique to the market.
Every batch is independently tested to ensure it's safety for consumption and that it is free from any environmental contaminants.
We use food as medicine
Kathy Ashton Founder & Medicinal Nutritionist


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