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Daily Detox – 240g

The Daily Detox blend has been designed to target liver function and improve vascular health.  

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daily detox flourish beetroot powder
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Turmeric blend – 240g

Targeting inflammation, the main ingredient is turmeric supported by 12 other whole foods to aid its absorption and utilization and enhance the overall anti-inflammatory effect of the blend.
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Kathy Ashton

Founder – BHSc(NutMed), Dip. Plant Based Nutrition

Kathy Ashton Founder of Flourish
It’s Kathy's extensive knowledge, clinical experience, and immense passion for helping others that’s made Flourish what it is today. Her whole foods’ alchemy has now culminated in a range of raw, whole food, plant-based supplements that empower people to achieve their health goals naturally.
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Kathy Ashton Founder of Flourish

by Kathy Ashton

Kathy has taken her experience, qualifications and health ethos and created a book that incorporates all of it and more. Follow easy, delicious and nutritious recipes to kick off your healthy living journey.
My Healing Program authored by Kathy Ashton
My Healing Kitchen authored by Kathy Ashton


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