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Cooking For a Healthy Gut – Book Your Spot!

Gut-healing foods

Learning what foods heal or harm the gut and then how to prepare those foods, so they taste super awesome.

About this Event

Do you suffer from bloating, decreased moods, sugar cravings, aches and pains?
Do you suffer from a leaky gut, constipation or diarrhoea?
Would you like a gut that feels calm, flat and happy?
Have you got a health challenge, thyroid maybe, autoimmune?

Then this cooking class is for you. Book your spot here

Medicinal Nutritionist Kathy Ashton – founder of Flourish Live Naturally – teaches you how to cook foods that help your gut microbiome flourish. All disease begins in the gut, according to Hippocrates, and this has never been more evident than today.

Most of us know that eating refined, processed, sugary, packaged foods is bad, but often it is these very foods that we crave. So how can you create healthy foods in your own kitchen, foods that are not only delicious but also allow your gut microbiome to flourish.

Kathy is a science nerd, and a passionate cook, who loves to impart knowledge about why you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods. Her goal is to educate and show you some tools that allow you to cook foods for a healthy gut with confidence.

After all what you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow.

This two-hour cooking class is more than just a cooking class, it is focused on educating you about your gut and the food you eat, as well as being interactive.

When you book your spot, the ingredients list will be emailed to you so you can cook along with Kathy, should you desire.

Alternatively, if you would like to simply watch and focus on what is being said and done and write down notes, you can do that too.

There will be time to ask questions, both from a cooking perspective or a health topic perspective, Kathy will be only too happy to answer these.

Kathy is often seen at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals cooking up a storm on the Soul Kitchen to very large audiences, but due to Covid-19, MBS has been postponed.

She is now bringing those cooking classes online and into your kitchen.