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How To Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

What is cardiovascular disease, what causes it, and how do you reverse it? These are the three biggest questions we get asked when we see someone who has been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Overall, a good detox natural detox such as our daily detox beetroot blend, a healthy diet, daily exercise, and stress management can help to treat and reverse cardiovascular disease.

What is it?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a collective name given to diseases that cause a narrowing of the blood vessels. The narrowing of these blood vessels can lead to heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, and, ultimately, death.

The Cause

While most people may think it is hereditary, which is a statement that may have some truth behind it, it is by no means the whole story. Our genes only make up 3-5% of what happens to us, and it is the environment that we live in that allows the hereditary part to be expressed.

We at Flourish think that the food we eat makes up the majority of the cause, and stress makes up th rest. The food environment we grow up in usually runs in families, hence why we typically see the same conditions amongst family members. If the entire family eats a predominantly high-fat diet, then diseases associate with that could run in the family. A diet high in fat, refined sugars, meats, dairy, and processed and packaged foods can be the cause of CVD.

Our blood vessels are designed to stay wide and open. The epithelial cells that line the blood vessels release a substance called nitric oxide and its purpose is to keep the vessels open, which allows the blood to flow easily. The flow is called laminar.

When we consume fat in our diet, the nitric oxide is inhibited by the epithelial cells, causing a narrowing. This then causes the blood flow to goo from laminar to turbulent. This turbulent flow causes the blood to bump into the cells, damaging the vessel lining. Our body will then lay down plague as a band-aid trying to heal the damage, which then results in a permanent narrowing of the blood vessels and, in turn, the beginning of CVD.

How to reverse it?

A complete lifestyle change is the best way to reverse CVD. While some may think it is easier said than done, it does not have to be. From a food perspective, it is important to cut out high-fat foods and instead eat foods that strengthen the epithelial cells that line the blood vessels. Foods that help with this are beetroot and green leafy vegetables, amongst others.

Our beetroot detox blend is the perfect supplement for strengthening the blood vessels, working best when taken alongside 6 cups of leafy green vegetables every day. We recommend taking 1 tablespoon of the detox blend in the morning or night, whichever fits your routine best. Exercising for 30 minutes a day will also help significantly.

It is also important to decrease stress, which is probably the hardest lifestyle change. Meditation or prayer is a good place to start, but you will find your own way to decrease external stressors. The best place to de-stress is internally, and by changing the foods you consume, you will see a huge difference in reversing cardiovascular disease.