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Prebiotic blend

Using nothing but whole food from plants, just as mother nature supplied, Flourish has created a blend of nine natural plant-based ingredients that support the gut by feeding the good microbiome. This is key to improving gut health and digestion.

Flourish’s prebiotic blend is a daily fibre supplement containing ingredients that feed the good bacteria of the gut. Our guts are home to a large community of trillions of minute gut bacteria or probiotics. Some classified as good and others bad, and a healthy gut is a balance of the two.


Hippocrates was credited to have said, “all disease begins in the gut”. As Medicinal Nutritionists we would have to agree. Accordingly, all our healing regimes begin with healing the gut.


Research into the role of the gut microbiome is advancing every year, but what we know these little guys are linked to all aspects of our health, and if not nurtured properly, our bodies will enter a state of imbalance. We know that the healthier the gut, the healthier the person.


Our gut bacteria communities are unique to each of us, just like our fingerprints. They vary in terms of the number of species, strains and populations, according to our lifestyles, the food we eat, family heritage and environment. With more of them than there are of you, it is imperative that you feed them correctly. They love resistant starch and all things fibre.


The communities that make me healthy, are different to yours, which is why we at Flourish have not produced a probiotic, we have produced a PREBIOTIC (the food that feeds your probiotics), which allows your unique body to flourish.

  • Chicory root
  • Green Banana flour
  • True Cinnamon (ceylon cinnamon)
  • Cardamom
  • Cacao
  • Aniseed
  • Fennel seed
  • Orange Peel
  • Ginger
avg. quantityper servingper 100g

1 serve = 4gm = ½ tablespoon
Mix with 100-150ml of liquid of your choice (water, juice, smoothy, shake, etc) with a meal. Preferably in the morning before or with breakfast.