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Thyroid Masterclass

Have you been to see loads of practitioners about your thyroid issue, only to be left thinking there is nothing anyone can do, that this is your plight?

This 90 minute masterclass will open your eyes to a new perspective and a different approach, and fill you with hope.

Bonus: I am going to send you a thyroid three-day meal plan after the masterclass.


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My name is Kathy Ashton, I am a degree qualified, Medicinal Nutritionist, which means I study and treat diseases processes using “food as medicine”.

When I first came out of university I started working in an integrative medical clinic treating patients with thyroid issues and lymes disease. After years of practice I began to think that if a patient had Hashimoto’s or Graves, then honestly there wasn’t much we could do for them, longterm. Disheartened by this, I began a quest to find out more.

After years of research, and continuing research, (my last thyroid course was in March of this year) I have found that we are looking at this problem the wrong way. It is not entirely about the thyroid, that should not be our primary area of our focus. Rather, we should be looking at the autoimmunity issues; and 90% of all thryoid issues are autoimmune, even if this has not been diagnosed. (My last autoimmune course was in July of this year).

We need to listen to patients, and concentrate on their symptoms, not just focus on blood work and TSH numbers. Your blood work numbers are just a snap shot in time, and everyone’s numbers fluctuate daily. Someone can have their TSH within range and still feel crappy. You can be on medication and still feel crappy. There is way more to the picture than anyone is telling you, and this is what you will learn in this masterclass. We need to focus on the autoimmune side and then the thyroid/liver/gut side of these conditions.

Putting everything together, I can tell you that there is great hope for anyone with thyroid problems. You can feel a lot better if you follow a few simple steps.

In this 90 minute masterclass, I will teach you

(1) The step by step pathophysiology of thyroid disease. If you understand what is going on in your body, then you will be better equipped to ask the right questions of your health care provider.

(2) What foods to eat, what foods to avoid.

(3) How the liver and gut are directly influencing your thyroid problem.

(4) How inflammation is playing a role in your thyroid hormone conversion.

(5) Why, if you are on medication do you still feel unwell or lack lustre.

(6) What questions you should be asking your doctors.

(7) What tests you should be asking for and why these are necessary.

(8) What supplements to take, and those to avoid.

Plus a few other secret hints and tips.

Venue: The class is online – via zoom, I will send you the link

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

What you need to do to attend: bring a note book and pen, email me prior to the class any particular issues you may have and want answered.

NOTE: The class cost is rebatable on a consultation with me in the week after the event.


Go forth and flourish,

Kathy Ashton (BHSc NutMed)