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Vegan Mexican Dinner Party

Do you love Mexican food?

Would love to cook something other than nachos or tacos?

Need new and exciting Mexican food to add to your current repertoire?

Date: Saturday 12 September 2020
Time: 2:30pm to 4:00pm


Comming soon

Want to knock the socks off friends, family or significant other with your vegan culinary prowess?

Kathy Ashton – Medicinal Nutritionist will teach you in this her next cooking class, some fabulous exciting recipes.

Make your ‘coming out of lockdown’ dinner party a Mexican themed one. How much fun would that be?

In this dinner party menu you will be learning to cook:

(1) The, most delicious Mexican chowder (my all time favourtie chowder soup, could eat every day of the week lol)

(2) A classic pico de gallo

(3) The best ever, refried (not fried) beans – so full of delicious flavour you could eat them by themselves

(4) Mexican pulled jackfruit – so much fun to cook and absolutely blow you mind yummy

(5) Wouldn’t be Mexican without the sour cream (vegan)

(6) Fajita spice mix – ready for alternative taco filling

(7) Taco spic mix – so you don’t have to use packet mix filled with all sorts of anti-caking agents

(8) Fudgy Mexican brownie – this is just heaven

(9) Homemade Tortilla’s (wraps) – super easy, gluten free and delicious – and can be used in all sorts of cuisines.

(10) Mexican meringues (if we have the time hahah), and these are so incredible, I will make the time

The creating of this menu has been so much fun and I wish this platform allowed me to add a few singing notes, as the above recipes are simply going to give you a whole new fresh out look when it comes to Mexican flavoured dishes.

Venue Online – zoom link will be sent prior to class

Date Saturday 12 September 2020

Time 2 pm – 4.30 pm