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4 Natural Remedies for Fatty Liver

What is fatty liver?

Fatty liver is just what it sounds like – a buildup of fat in the liver. While small amounts of fat found in the liver is normal, it becomes a health issue when there is too much.

Also known as hepatic steatosis, fatty liver isn’t caused by just one factor. If you’re thinking about a liver cleanse as a complementary health treatment, it will be much easier to action if you know what caused the disease in the first place.

Though fatty liver mostly stems from the overconsumption of alcohol (alcoholic fatty liver disease) or the overconsumption of processed food (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), it can also emerge from certain infections, rapid weight loss or even being pregnant.

While fatty liver can lead to serious health issues, there are many cases in which diet and lifestyle changes can help to reverse the effects.

4 natural treatments for fatty liver

1. Lose/maintain a healthy weight

Being told to ‘lose weight’ can be the last thing that many of us want to hear. But when it comes to health problems, maintaining a healthy weight can be a key factor in preventing – or even reversing – illness.

One of the first steps to reversing fatty liver disease is losing weight. This doesn’t have to mean counting every calorie, but it does mean making healthy food choices in place of habitually unhealthy ones.

2. Cut out processed foods

Processed foods are devilishly delicious – that’s why we love them so much! But in the world of health and fatty liver, they are not good for you.

Junk food, alcohol and refined grains and sugars are all culprits for worsening fatty liver disease. The best way to help heal your liver is to minimise or entirely remove these foods from your diet.

A liver cleanse of sorts, cutting out processed foods will bring your liver, and your overall health, the respite it needs to start functioning optimally once again.

3. Exercise

If going to the gym every day isn’t achievable for you, that’s okay. Exercise comes in many different forms, and as long as you’re being active, your body will benefit.

So take the dog for a longer walk than usual. Use the stairs, not the elevator. Go for a leisurely cycle along the boardwalk or sign up for a dance class. Whether gardening or golf is your thing, all you need to do is get up and go.

4. Take a nutritional supplement

All-natural nutritional supplements that specifically target liver function can help to improve fatty liver disease.

Featuring beetroot and nine other plant-based whole foods, our Daily Detox blend works gently to give the body’s vital filtering system the liver cleanse it needs.

Change your diet, change your lifestyle

Fatty liver disease affects 1 in 3 Australians. With varying degrees of severity, the disease can go from mild to harmful and even – in some cases – deadly.

Fortunately, if addressed early enough, fatty liver is reversible. To regain control of your liver function, you need to adapt your diet and lifestyle to one that positively impacts your liver.

Our Daily Detox targets liver function and cardiovascular health. Try it today!