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Turmeric for IBS: Benefits & Uses

Turmeric: a natural anti-inflammatory

Turmeric is an ancient spice that has been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. Due to the high levels of curcumin that the golden spice contains, it has seen a rise in popularity over recent years for its medicinal benefits.

Curcumin is an active component of turmeric that contains significant natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies have also found that curcumin has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties which can aid in treating a number of bodily ailments – not just IBS!

These components – and the overall health benefits of turmeric – is the reason why the spice has been so prominent in traditional medicine, and why it is seeing such a vigorous comeback today.

What is IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder, affecting around 1 in 5 Australians at some point in their lives.

IBS is a medical condition that primarily affects the large intestine, with symptoms ranging from abdominal pain and bloating to constipation and diarrhoea. These symptoms can vary in severity and usually subside over time. However, in some incredibly rare cases, IBS has been known to cause intestinal damage.

While things like infection, food intolerance, stress, medication and diet have been marked as triggers for IBS, medical science is yet to prove the leading cause of the disorder.

How turmeric’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help to treat IBS

Many recent studies have explored the extraordinary health benefits of turmeric in improving many chronic health conditions including arthritis, Alzheimer’s and cancer. IBS is also on the list, with research suggesting that the spice helps in reducing symptoms related to the disorder.

While the positive effects of turmeric vary from person to person, ongoing research concludes that many people suffering from IBS are experiencing the benefits of consuming the spice.

The potent antibacterial properties of curcumin may help promote a healthy gut microbiome – or decrease the ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut – which is one of the many possible causes of IBS.

The most widely known property of turmeric (and it’s curcumin component), however, is its ability to work as a natural anti-inflammatory. For IBS, consuming turmeric can help alleviate the pain associated with intestinal inflammation – another possible cause of the disorder.

We believe in using natural remedies to aid in the healing process

When it comes to health, food holds a lot of power, whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not.

We believe that consuming whole foods (as opposed to extracts) is the best way to use food in improving health. All of our natural supplements are made with whole-food ingredients that work in harmony to improve sleep and energy, alleviate aches and pains, and treat the symptoms of chronic conditions such as IBS.

That’s why our natural anti-inflammatory Turmeric Blend is made with a blend of 13 different plant-based foods that support your body’s ability to help treat IBS and other health conditions, giving you all the benefits of turmeric (and not just that of curcumin).

Our Gut Healing Protocol will help to reset your gut

Because we are so passionate about health and the power of food to improve it, we created an online program to help you reset your gut environment.

Our Gut Healing Protocol specifically targets IBS and aims to reduce uncomfortable symptoms of the disorder.

With the combined power of our Gut Healing Protocol and Turmeric Blend, you can say goodbye to painful bloating and hello to a smoother digestive experience.

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