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Introducing: The Prebiotic Blend

We at Flourish are so excited to announce the hatching of our newest member of the Flourish family: our inulin powder Prebiotic Blend!

Our prebiotic blend.

This blend, our new natural prebiotics made up of chicory root, green banana flour, cinnamon, cardamom, cacao, aniseed, fennel, orange and ginger nourishes your gut, leaving you feeling healthy and happy.

Gut health is a buzz term at the moment and an important one at that. It’s also something we are constantly getting asked about from our customers and clients, so a prebiotic blend was the obvious choice when it came to developing our next product.

So what does it do?

We have approximately 100 trillion bacterias in our guts, made up of 700-1500 unique species.  The greater the number of species that call our gut home, the more diverse it is, and the greater our gut diversity are, the healthier we will be.

The prebiotic blend feeds your gut with all that it needs to grow more species of bacteria.

How does it work?

The gut-loving ingredients we mentioned earlier are all to thank when it comes to how this blend works.

The star of the blend, chicory root is a wonderful source of inulin, one of the special fibre groups that bacteroids (one of the major players in immune health) love. Green banana flour is also a major source of resistant starch.

Probiotics love all things fibre, especially resistant starch.  Resistant starch is a type of fibre that resists being absorbed high up in the gut thereby making its way to the large colon where all the probiotics live. 

They see it come through, do a happy dance, eat till they are full and healthy and by downstream effect, feed your colonocytes or colon cells, making your bowel healthy and happy.

Why not a probiotic?

Probiotic is just another name for gut microbe. Most probiotics on the market are made up of 8-15 different species.  There may be billions of them, but it is not the number of microbes that is important, it is the number of species.

If the number of species in your gut is small and there is an overabundance of one particular species it leaves you feeling unwell and can lead to food allergies and intolerances.

Our founder, Medicinal Nutritionist Kathy Ashton says that this blend can benefit anyone and everyone.

“This blend will change your life. Remember you need to feed your own gut microbes in order for you to be perfectly healthy. Go forth and Flourish!”

Give your gut the diversity it needs and your body the wellness it deserves.

Let’s Shop the Prebiotic Blend.

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