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Is Chicory Root A Good Alternative For Coffee?

What is chicory root coffee?

Chicory root coffee is exactly as it sounds: a coffee-like drink, but one made of chicory root instead of coffee beans. Following the same creation process as normal coffee, you can make the drink by roasting, grounding and brewing chicory root.

While it does taste similar to coffee, the chicory root drink has its own unique flavour. It is often described as woody, nutty and earthy – which makes sense, considering that the roots come from out of the earth itself!

The different types

There are two main kinds of chicory root coffee. One contains caffeine, and the other goes without. Straight-up chicory root coffee is brewed using only the root itself. Any added flavours or other ingredients will be free from caffeine, too.

Caffeinated chicory root coffee is made by mixing roasted, ground coffee with roasted, ground chicory root during the brewing process. Though both are tasty, we would recommend drinking the caffeine-free version if you want to go for the healthier option.

Health benefits of chicory root coffee

Chicory root has many health benefits, which include aiding digestion, feeding the good bacteria in your gut, and improving bowel movements. Drinking chicory root coffee has its added benefits, too.

  • Caffeine-free: So long as you’re opting for the caffeine-free version, chicory root coffee is naturally caffeine-free. Without the added caffeine stimulant, you won’t be left feeling more wired than you’d bargained for.
  • Prebiotic fibre: Chicory root is packed with inulin, a powerful prebiotic fibre that feeds the good bacteria in your gut to keep your gut microbiome healthy and balanced.
  • Digestion: Trading in your daily coffee for a chicory root alternative will work wonders for your digestive system, making bowel movements a much more pleasant experience.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory: Studies have shown that taking chicory root could help to reduce inflammation. Just like an apple, a chicory root coffee a day could help to keep the doctor away!

How to make chicory root coffee

If you’re making chicory root from scratch, it can be a bit of a process. There’s always the option to buy it premade, but making it yourself is doable, too! You’ll need a coffee grinder to do so, and if you’re planning to mix it with regular coffee, you’d best get some of that as well.

Make sure you’ve washed, cleaned and thoroughly dried out the roots before cutting them up into small cubes and laying them out on a baking tray. Cook the chicory root at 180 degrees celsius until golden brown.

After taking it out of the oven, let the chicory root cool entirely. Only once it has cooled can you put the cubes in the coffee grinder to grind it down to the same consistency as you would get with coffee.

If you want to mix your chicory root grinds with regular coffee, now’s the time! You can experiment with different amounts of each to find the flavour that best suits your taste.

The final step is brewing your chicory root coffee, which can be done using a French press, general coffee machine, or the classic pour-over. It’s your creation, so you can drink it however you like!

Chicory root coffee might not be for everyone

Chicory root coffee might not be for everyone. If it’s not your style, you can always try our Prebiotic Blend to get all of your daily chicory root benefits instead.

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